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Backpack Racing is an innovative riding course designed by Edoardo Mazzuoli.

The difference, compared to the traditional method, is that the student will not have anyone who will ride with him on the track, but he will carry out his work in total autonomy.

The student will be able to learn all the lessons and repeat them in future rides also in autonomy. Autonomy in work means that the level of the students does not necessarily have to be equal.

The course, taking advantage of the experience gained on the race track and elsewhere, focuses on the quest for the correct techniques for riding a bike on the track.

The methodology of this teaching makes use of multiple cameras placed at different spots on the bike, allowing the instructor to carefully view the mistakes and imperfections of the student.

The instructor, not riding around the track with the student, has the time to examine along with the riding skills, the conditions and setup of the bike, trying to improve it, always taking into account the attitude, objectives and personal ability of the rider.

During the day a technical data sheet will be given to the student, to record all the data of his bike and will be provided with all the know-how necessary for its use and its compilation.

The day will always be composed with a maximum of three students; this in order to be able to follow every single person in detail.

Much importance is given to safety equipment and attention is mainly focused on the correction of trivial errors, typical of the apprenticeship phase.

This makes it possible to avoid dangerous situations and unnecessary loss of time, which strongly undermine the performance and adversely affect the time taken to reach it.

An important part of the day is carried out by Edoardo who will move between the curves of the circuit equipped with a camera to capture any errors from the outside, giving the student the perception of himself from the outside.

Backpack Racing, despite being a new reality, has obtained considerable feedback from users.

In the first 3 months of activity, we’ve had:

  • 51 riders in the field;
  • About 600 emails requesting information;
  • Events held abroad;
  • Foreign customers from all over Europe and over 20,000 views of the “promo” video making Backpack Racing an excellent candidate to revolutionize the teaching of track motorcycling.


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Home Edition


An extension of the Backpack method that can be used directly from the sofa or from the garage of your home.

Share your onboards by sending email and you will have the opportunity to attend 1 hour of analysis on your riding.

Do you have the sheets with your setups? Very well, we will also check those to make your return to the track the best possible.




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