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Backpack Racing is an innovative on-track racing course designed by Edoardo Mazzuoli.

Differently from the classical on-track courses, here riders will lap on his own in the  circuit, so that he will be able to take in every notion learnt during theoretical lessons and repeat it during their following experiences on track.

Autonomy in such a work will allow one to learn while avoiding dangerous situations and taking advantage from the notions learnt during the course, from one’s own abilities and with no need for an equal level of the rookies.

The use of cameras put in different and strategic points of the motorbike will allow the instructor – who will not lap – to watch all the videos at the end of the session and understand what needs to be improved, participants’ mistakes and defects. In this way each rookie will have a better self-perception from outside.

Before going on track everyone’s riding abilities will be examined in order to try to improve them by always keeping into consideration every rookie’s aptitude, goals and personal abilities.

What is of the utmost importance is the safety equipment, but also greater attention will be paid to the sitting position, the measures about saddle, footpegs and handlebars and to the motorbike’s setup.

During the day the rookies will be provided with a technical data sheet which will serve to keep a record of one’s own motorbike’s data together with the indications on how to use and fill it in.

The learning day will always take place with a minimum of 3 rookies and a maximum of 6 and the instructor will be supported by a helper.

From 2023 is available the Backpack Exclusive option, which allows the most demanding rookie to spend his learning day with just 1 other participant.

Compared to the standard version of the course in the Exclusive option at the end of the day a track familiarization is scheduled along with Edoardo, in order to talk about and process the learned lessons.

Backpack Racing, despite being an innovative program, has already earned relevant feedback from participants and great sport results.

From its opening:

  • Over 500 participants
  • 4000 information-asking emails
  • Abroad events
  • Clients from all over Europe
  • 1 victory, 4 Wssp300 podiums with Mirko Gennai in Team Br Corse

Its innovative teaching method and the great attention paid to the autonomy of rookies make Backpack Racing a great candidate to innovate the on-track motorcycling training.


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An extension of the Backpack Racing method that can be used directly from the sofa or garage of your home. Share your on board on the track by sending them via email and you will have the opportunity to carry out 1 hour of analysis on your guide.

Do you have cards with your setups? We’ll check those too to make your return to the track the best it can be.



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